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Press Releases and Reviews

Six years of C6T!  Here are some wonderful articles about what we've been doing over the past six years...

Complete History of Class 6 (abridged) & A Life in the Theatre

Faster, faster

Sylvia & How I Learned to Drive

Disturbing, Yet Funny

Featured reviews from patrons:

"This was the funniest and most entertaining play we have seen so far in the past year! The actors were fantastic and we loved the whole theme of the story. It really made you think about how we react to animals and how we love our animals as well. We will remember Sylvia for a long time to come."

"Adorable premise -- great underlying message. The actress who played Sylvia was spot on with her dog-isms. :)"

"This is a delightfully funny play. All the actors do an outstanding job, but "Sylvia" really nails it!"

 "witty and heartfelt. a must for dog owners!"

Worst Play Ever Contest

The Lower Class

Our Epic Fails

                                         Julius Caesar

Featured review:

Attending this event was an unexpectedly challenging experience, with so many of the traditional Shakespearean male characters portrayed by tall females in pantsuits, each equipped with the indispensable cell phone. With no distractions of scenery and props, all the emphasis was on words plus a few symbolic objects and colors. Different, but fascinating!

     Comedy of Errors with Puppets!

     Accessible and Entertaining - ASU State Press

The 'New Normal' of Valley Theatre

The Victory of just existing - AZ Republic

Review of Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet), by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Tragedy to Farce - AZ Republic

Reviews of the Arizona Premiere, Matt & Ben, by Mindy Kaling and Brenda Withers

Celebrity Bromance - AZ Republic

Friendship - Phoenix New Times

Benifer - Examiner

About Our 2010 season

Review: Innovative 'Last Five Years' portrays crumbling marriage AZ Republic

Arts and Entertainment Feature: Churn of arts companies keeps Valley scene energized- AZ Republic

About Our Artistic Staff

Arts and Entertainment Feature: Shakespearean actor Eric Schoen shifts gears in 'Fools' - AZ Republic


Thank you to everyone who supported us over the past 7 seasons.  It's only because of you that we made it this far. 

Though we are on a hiatus until we can build up enough capital to begin producing more shows, the good news is we are debt-free. It took a few months, but we got there. And to help raise money during the fall, 5% of all book sales will be matched and given to Class 6, in addition to what Amazon Smile gives. These amounts add up! You can get your copies of Et tu, Class 6? right here.  Please consider supporting the company by getting a copy of this unusual book...