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10 performances at the Mesa Arts Center

TICKETS on sale now

This is Shakespeare, the way only Class 6 can do it.

In the spirit of Comedy of Errors...with puppets,

and our cross-gender, modern, in-the-round, adjective-heavy Julius Caesar,

we bring you our boldest reinvention yet.

(and a brand-new Class 6 audience seating arrangement!)

Come and crush a cup of wine with us!  We're going to sell out - in every sense of the word - so get your tickets now for the final show of our 6th season.

TICKETS on sale now

(special group rates available for 8 or more, with advance purchase)


Fun Fact:  I was nominated for a 2015 Governor's Arts Award!

There was a reception earlier this month that was amazing.  Later this month, we have the actual ceremony.  I am blown away to be part of this prestigious event. 

But don't think I'm letting this go to my head.  No.  I'm still slogging away on QuickBooks, preparing our tax information for our accountant.           

And I am definitely excited about this final show of our season:  Twelfth Night. Tickets are on sale now for the same low price we've had for years:  $20.  Plus...