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Season #6 is on its way.

Season #5 was a huge success (yes!), but that was yesterday.  

We're looking to the future.

Season #6 will feature:

3 full productions (2 in repertory)

3 staged reading events (with free delicious food)

  We can't announce the titles until August, but for now...

Three fun tidbits to hold you over:

1.  We're offering our Ration Card program again!  Just $60 gets you 1 free ticket to every Class 6 event in the upcoming season, if you purchase by July 31st.

- you can visit our secure Paypal link (via "make a donation" at the top of this very page!)

- or use the USPS:

Class 6 Theatre

3001 N Randolph Rd., #GF-219

Phoenix, AZ  85014

2.  Our Worst-10-Minute-Play-Ever Contest!  Submit your worst 10-minute play to us.  We will have a fundraiser later this summer where we'll read them out loud and vote.  The worst one gets a prize!

- you can send submissions to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

- please be sure to put "worst 10-minute play ever in the subject line

3.  Fundraiser update:  we need to raise $5,000 by October 27th, and we're already 30% of the way there. 


Ah, Phoenix in July.  Does it get any better than this?

Well, yes.  News:  Class 6 is moving forward with season #6.  We have new board members, an actual staff, and 3 great shows + 3 staged reading events to bring you this season.  But first we need to raise some capital.  So we are using the next few months to raise enough money to take care of all of our above-the-line costs for the year.  Our goal:  raise $5,000 by October 27th.  If we make it, then we're set for another great year.  If not...